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“ Thanks to Ana I could experience the center of Buenos Aires like a local. She knows a lot about the history and the culture of the city, it was really interesting talking to her I really recommend her (special thank for allowing me to discover the best ice-cream in B.Aires) ”

is supporting HAMAP
Nomad traveler

Demeter Russafov

“ U2GUIDE is a unique way to link our community development programs in Haiti with the outside - exposing our work to people from around the world, gaining visibility and additional funding along the way ”

Local Haïti, Founder
Trusted NGO


“ Thank you U2GUIDE for having made my dream come true!!! With you guys I didn't find a guide, but a friend. I came as a tourist, but left as a local. ”

is supporting Zero Deforestation
Nomad traveler

Sophie Lehideux

“ We’ve chosen U2GUIDE for our shared values of solidarity and development through a professional approach. The quality of the project and the professionalism of the team make it a partner of choice. Thank you U2GUIDE for this ethical and innovative partnership! ”

Kynarou, Founder
Trusted NGO


“ We loved visiting Bangkok with Ning. She knows all the best places! Ning was very flexible and very friendly, including with our children. We strongly recommend her! Thank you Ning. Thank you U2GUIDE :-) ”

is supporting AMICA
Nomad traveler

Alice Barbe

“ Singa creates bonds between refugees and host society - we are convinced that it is by creating human bonds that the world changes for the better. It makes sense for us to partner with U2GUIDE as it allows strangers to spend time together and to develop friendly relations. ”

SINGA, Founder
Trusted NGO

Nicolas Travaillé

“ APM designs projects based on interculturality, human encounter and sharing. Values embodied and conveyed by U2GUIDE. Thank you for this responsive and flexible partnership that has responded to our communication and sponsorship needs. ”

APM, Chairman
Trusted NGO


“ U2GUIDE has promoted my local cooking class experience to travel agencies that book it for their clients. I have received very positive feedback and my number of booking request has subsequently increased ever since. Thank you U2GUIDE! ”

is supporting AAH USA
Insider guide

Kishor R.

“ I host & lead unique experiences for my dear travelers. I’ve been a passionate guide for 20 years. U2GUIDE offers the opportunity to Think Globally & Act Locally thus supporting lots of local individuals, families & communites. Thank you! ”

is supporting CCFD Terre solidaire
Insider guide

Tizia Basener

“ U2GUIDE offers us to combine our passion for tourism with our passion for making the world a better place. We enjoy to share our country and knowledge with travellers from all over the world! ”

is supporting DANCETEAM AFRICA
Insider guide