Discover the khmer traditional rural life

Discover the khmer traditional rural life

Community based eco-tourism & homestay

12 EUR / pers.
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Community based eco-tourism & homestay

12 EUR / pers.
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1 day
Krong Kampong Cham
Kampong Cham city Bus station

The handicraft concept & community-based ecotourism project, were initiated by AMICA (french association) and supported by the villagers of Cheung Kok. Aline, the local guide, will show you the multiple activities of the village: Silk farm: discover this Cambodian ancestral tradition and learn about the silk production process, from the mulberry trees, to the silkworms, coccons and silk production. Traditional craft workshop: Silk & Cotton KRAMA weaving, Coconut & Bamboo carving, Palm Leaves weaving. Palm sugar production: take a walk with the last "palm trees climbers" of Cheung Kok and follow their work, collecting the palm sap at twenty meters above the ground. Learn about the palm sugar production process and taste it in a local meal. Rice crop, join the farmers driving their big water buffalos for a tour in the paddy fields.


  • Community based eco-tourism
  • Homestay
  • Discover the Khmer culture

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  • Visit of the village




Amazing local experience!

Considering there was only the homestay, food and a small tour of the village included, we found it was a bit expensive for what we had. Unfortunately, extra activities were not included so we had to pay an extra. Overall, we really enjoyed our stay and our host was lovely even though we couldn't communicate with her directly. Aline is a wonderful woman and we were very happy to meet her. She will become a role model for the kids in the village, for sure!!!

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