Tour 4 Charity-Prague Walking Tour

Tour 4 Charity-Prague Walking Tour

See the BEST of Prague with the most entertaining guides in the city

16 EUR / pers.
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See the BEST of Prague with the most entertaining guides in the city

16 EUR / pers.
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3 hours
Nám. Republiky 5, 111 21

Over the course of a fun-filled, 3-hour walking tour, we will explore the best highlights, landmarks, and history of Prague's Old Town, New Town, and Jewish Quarter. We will see Churches, Synagogue's, diverse architecture, palaces, bridges, theaters, cultural centers, and learn the story behind each place. Small groups (maximum 20 people) make for a highly-personalized experience. We will cover 2,000 years of history- from the ancient Bohemian Kings to the Modern Republic era- in a factual, fun, entertaining, and comic way, taking you on a roller-coaster of the high and low points of Czech history, A-Z. We hope to leave you with a deeper appreciation and sense of wonder for the amazing Czech Capitol and the Czech people themselves. Above all, we aim to give you a fun, memorable experience that comes with t...

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  • Czech History A-Z
  • Guided tour

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  • 3-hour walking tour


Indy S.

Take this tour your first day in Prague!

John Paul was an exceptional tour guide! I began my stay in Prague by taking his tour and I recommend you do the same. In a short period of time he conveyed the entire history of Prague, all while showing us the locations where key events occurred, maintaining his high level of enthusiasm, and sliding a few corny jokes into the narrative to keep it light. He has a background in theater and so has a great "stage presence" -- in other words, he's not just going through the motions, in the way of a lot of other tour guides. John Paul runs the tours to fund a charity, which makes taking his tour even more worthwhile. Highly recommended!

Jette A.

GREAT guided tour, great concept

Our extremely knowledgeable guide, John Paul, spoke excellent English; he made all participants feel welcome and comfortable, and he took us on an excellent 3-hr. tour with perfectly spaced stops and varied stories which meant that time passed quickly. - Highly recommended tour for charity!

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