Food & wine tour in Genoa

Food & wine tour in Genoa

Taste the most typical food in Genoa in the charming background of the historical center.

40 EUR / pers.
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Taste the most typical food in Genoa in the charming background of the historical center.

40 EUR / pers.
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4 hours
Piazza De Ferrari

The historical center of Genoa has a particular charm: its narrow streets, soaked in history of the ancient Maritime Republic, will make the traveler feel the soul of the city I'll take you into the labyrinth of the famous narrow streets, through one of the biggest historical centers in Europe, and you'll see the most charming - sometimes not very well known- places. However, the common thread is food: we will stop in different little restaurants and shops, we'll taste each time something different and little by little, we will discover the traditions and the history of Genoa, and even details about the character of its inhabitants. The quality of food was carefully selected, we will taste local wine in a specialized wine shop.


  • Good original Genoese/Ligurian food
  • Connection between food and history
  • Discover the city in a unique and original way

Experience type

What's included

  • Itinerary dinner or lunch
  • Slice of Focaccia
  • A glass of local wine
  • Pasta with pesto and walnuts sauce
  • Farinata and salty cakes
  • Ice cream or another dessert
  • water & coffee


Nikolas M.

Cannot be recommended highly enough.

We took a Food & Wine walking tour on a Saturday night with our jovial and enthusiastic guide Alessandro. Being a native of Genoa, he knows the city’s past and present extremely well and can fill you in on the larger historical context, as well as th local anecdotes and curiosities. That aside, he is a lovely and lively person and the perfect guide to show you around the city. The tour was well-planned and included some of the great sites that Genoa offers, as well as several ones off the beaten track that would be hard to find without a native of the city. Alessandro was also ready to personalise his tour to our interests and generously took us to other places of interest not on his itinerary. The culinary stop over’s were carefully chosen in advance to give you the best idea of the local delicacies ( focaccia, trofie al pesto, farinatta), complemented by a sample of regional Ligurian wine at a Harbour-side Enoteca and a desert at the end. Overall, one couldn’t ask for a better introduction to the city and if you’re planning on visiting the city, Alessandro’s Soul of Genoa walks cannot be recommended highly enough.

Celestino N.

Ne ratez pas ce moment exceptionnel !

C'est vraiment un moment de bonheur inoubliable ! L'originalité de ce tour réside en la découverte du centre historique de Gênes associée à une immersion gastronomique dans les spécialités culinaires génoises. Alessandro, notre guide, est quelqu'un d'exceptionnel par sa gentillesse, sa bonne humeur et la connaissance de Gènes, sa ville natale qu'il aime tant. Il vous fera remonter le temps et vous contera des tas d’anecdotes tout au long de ce voyage féérique dans le centre historique de Gênes et au détours de lieux "secrets" méconnus du grand public. Cette visite est entrecoupée de haltes gastronomiques. Ainsi la focaccia, le trofie al pesto, et autres spécialités génoises, n'auront plus de secrets pour vous. Sa connaissance linguistique (en l’occurrence du français) est de plus remarquable et toutes les questions que vous pourrez vous poser trouveront à coup sûr une réponse. Alors, si vous passez par Gênes, ne ratez surtout pas ce moment exceptionnel, vous ne pourriez que le regretter...

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