Plundge into Caribbean heaven

Plundge into Caribbean heaven

Swim with turtles & Explore a sacred cenote

55 EUR / pers.
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Swim with turtles & Explore a sacred cenote

55 EUR / pers.


5 days
Playa del Carmen
Let's fix it together!

Let's start by snorkeling with free green turtles in one of the most stunning Caribbean bay. I will share all what I know about local nature and while snokerling, I will assist you and take care of you. You will be amazed as I am, each time I plundge myself into such a Heaven. Then we will move to a Cenote so you can realize why they mayan thought those places were sacred. There, we will spend as much time you want. That's a perfect place to chill out, meditate or contemplate. After that we would have a fresh meal lunch with the locals and get to know each others. Note: I was born in Mérida which is Yucatán’s state capital like mostly yucatecans my holidays were focused in visiting mayan ruins, relatives who live in remote locations and swimming in the Caribbean, so that been said I know mostly ...

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  • Learn a lot about local nature
  • Do snokerling with a passionate guide
  • Swim with free turtles
  • Discover a cenote
  • Eat at locals, as local friends do

Experience type

What's included

  • Entry fees
  • Snokerling equipment
  • Meal
  • Soft drinks


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