Meditating in Rau forest reserve

Meditating in Rau forest reserve

Do meditation in an awe-inspiring spot and reconnect with the nature.

50 EUR / pers.
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Do meditation in an awe-inspiring spot and reconnect with the nature.

50 EUR / pers.
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4 hours
Rau Ecotourism Office Moshi

Be in contact with the unique Rau Forest and its wild life. While walking, listen to the sound of the surrounding nature: the singing of the birds, the guttural utterings of the monkeys and the whispers of the wind. Breathe the clear forest air and dive into the healing smell of the plants’ essential oils. Lean on the powerful trunk of a 70-year-old Oxystigma msoo-tree and take time for a peaceful and quiet meditation.


  • Discover the forest in a unique way
  • Reconnect with the nature feel the present moment through meditation
  • Enjoy the sound of the birds and monkeys

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What's included

  • Entrance fees
  • Local cuisine
  • A piece of Mat for sitting
  • Passionate guide


Arvid S.

Amazing experience. A must for every naturelover a

Was looking for a local nature experience in Tanzania. Didn't know I would find a group of people that where so dedicated to the conservation and to learn others about the importance of the trees and the symbiosis of nature, people and animals. It's something everyone should know, so important for the future. They have come along way but a long road ahead but I'm sure that they will do an amazing work for the future.Many thanks to Daniel for this experience!

Ian A

Wonderful oasis of calm not far from the amenities

Need a restful day acclimatising before tackling Kilimanjaro then this is the tour to get. The guides are great company and it's nice to spend a day watching wildlife in beautiful scenery away from all the touts of the town centre. This tour is the ideal relaxing prep for a successful crack at the mountain or the ideal wind down day to let those weary legs recover.

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