Istanbul's Underground

Istanbul's Underground

You can easily see what is above the ground in Istanbul. But what about below?...

40 EUR / pers.
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You can easily see what is above the ground in Istanbul. But what about below?...

40 EUR / pers.
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6 hours
McDonald's at Sultanahmet

Especially after the Latin invasion at 1204 AD, Constantinople was never the same. The Latins were here for almost 60 years which was enough time to loot everything. When they were kicked out the emperors were never rich enough to maintane the big buildings again. So, the nature and people did its job and covered these buildings with earth. These buildings are under the modern Istanbul buildings and you have to know the right doors to discover them. During this tour you will be walking in Constantines palace, Byzantine chapels, Cisterns (not Basilica Cistern) and more. By this tour you wil also learn Rome and Byzantine history. We will meet at 10:00 am infront of McDonald's at Sultanahmet and start to discover what is left below today's Istanbul. The tour will finish around 16:30. This is a walking tour...

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  • Walk at the coridors of Constantine's palace
  • Hagiasma from Byzantine era
  • discovering dungens and tunnesl from Byzantine era

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  • Entrance fees


Arturo E.

Excelennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnte guia. El mejor de to

Erkan es un excelente guia. Es una persona que te hace sentir que es parte de tu familia ya que hasta te invita nieves, dulces, cafes de su propio dinero. Nunca nos habia tocado algo asi. Lo recomendamos ampliamente y sin ningun temor que sera su mejor guia. En cuanto a los relatos historicos, te los hace de una forma agradable y sin complicaciones de tal forma que es facil de entender. Es una persona que siempre esta dispuesta a darle gusto al cliente, algo que no muchos guias hacen. La mayoria sigue su itinerario y no aceptan ninguna modificacion. |Erkan si lo hace. Mi familia y yo estuvimos muy contentos con sus servicios. GRACIAS A ERKAN.

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