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Welcome to Seville!

Things to do in Seville?

How not to fall in love with Seville at first sight? The historical and cultural heart of Andalusia, Seville rolls out its architectural jewels along the Guadalquivir beneath the almost permanently blue skies: it is one of the sunniest cities in Europe and also one of the hottest! Having combined Christian, Arabic and Romany heritage and influences over the centuries, Seville is a quintessentially open and multicultural city, as can be seen by its festive atmosphere and its welcoming population. Here is an overview of the Andalusian beauty!

Must-see in Seville

•This is THE emblematic neighborhood of Seville: the “barrio” Santa Cruz and its maze of narrow streets where it is easy to lose yourself, its flower-covered patios, its shady squares, and its brightly-colored facades. But, also its historical monuments, starting with the Alcázar. This magnificent complex of royal palaces, patios and stunning gardens is, on its own, a symbol of Andalusian culture.
•In terms of heritage, the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See is also well worth a visit! Its specific features? Its monumental size which makes it the largest in Spain, and its magnificent spire, the Giralda, a former minaret, a symbol of the Muslim influence. It is easy to access its summit in order to enjoy a breathtaking view over the city.
•Next, take an architectural leap forward over several centuries and discover the astonishing Metropol Parasol! This gigantic wooden structure measuring 150 by 75 meters, inaugurated in 2011, is known as the “giant mushroom” by the inhabitants of Seville. An extravagant structure that is unique in the world!
•Finally, enjoy a relaxing moment in Maria Luisa Park with its 40 hectares of paths and tropical plants. This natural haven in the heart of the city is home to another wonder: the Plaza de España, no doubt one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. Designed for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929, this semi-circular masterpiece measuring 200 meters in diameter is home to a palace, a half-moon canal, four bridges, and a large central fountain. It is not a matter of chance that many movies are shot there: what a show!

Unique activities in Seville

Seville is also characterized by its flourishing craft industry, in particular pottery and ceramics. To discover this major Andalusian tradition of ceramic work, become a potter for a day! In the heart of the Triana neighborhood, learn a few decoration techniques and then paint your own ceramic tile. Next, accompanied by the sound of flamenco, stroll around the attractive streets of Triana, one of the most authentic and liveliest neighborhoods in the city.