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U2GUIDE’s philosophy is about how each traveler, guide and NGO plays a role to improve human lives and our environment around the globe.

  • 1st

    Social & collaborative business worldwide

  • 50%

    of our net profit goes to selected NGOs

  • 1%

    of each transaction to the NGO you choose

Nomad Travelers

Support local projects simply by traveling

Insider Guides

Earn money by sharing your passion

Trusted NGOs

Gain in visibility and new funding sources

Our Pillars

Our pillars Our pillars
  • Pleasure & Altruism
    Live the most authentic local experience ever, while having a social impact! Simply through traveling, our community contributes to improving human lives around the world and protecting our environment.
  • Profit for Non Profit
    50% of our net profit and 1% of each transaction made by the U2GUIDE community funds social and environmental projects. Imagine our collective power: positive social impact worldwide with each transaction.
  • Best projects
    Only the most efficient NGOs (small or big) are selected through relevant criteria.
  • Transparency & accountability
    U2GUIDE supports projects on behalf of its community. Both our Blog and our newsletter will serve as medium to provide information regarding donations and supported projects, in all transparency.
Our partner NGOs Our partner NGOs

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Nomad travelers

You wish you could find someone like you out there. Feel local for a while, get the insider tips and feel like you belong? Pack up your bags with fun and a dose of altruism! Enjoy your experience while positively impacting the world around you. There are so many reasons to be one of our nomad travelers.

Insider guides

Whether you are a professional guide, a sports enthusiast, an artist, a journalist, a student, a cook, a host, an alternative travel agent... in short, a passionate about life, you have many reasons to become one of our insider guides.

Trusted NGOs

You are a non profit conducting amazing social or environmental local projects? You are looking for new ways to promote your actions to a sensitive community? To raise more funds? You wish to engage your own community of donors and followers in a creative way? U2GUIDE was created for you!